Who teaches what?

Politics and International Relations

POL10001 Australian Politics (Damon Alexander)

POL10002 International Politics (Chris Agius)

POL20009 Dictators and Democrats: Comparative Politics (Kerry Ryan/Warren Evans)

POL20010 International Relations and Security Studies (Chris Agius)

POL20008 Australian Foreign Policy (Chris Agius)

POL30009 Critical Perspectives on Terrorism (Chris Agius)

POL30010 Public Policy in Australia (Damon Alexander)

POL30014 Politics of the Pacific (Warren Evans and Mike Leach)

POL30003 Internship in Political Research (Damon Alexander/Julie Kimber)



HIS10003 Global History (Lorenzo Veracini)

HIS10004 Australian History (Julie Kimber)

HIS20008 Colonialism: A Global History (Loreno Veracini)

FST20001 Big History: From the Big Bang to Global Civilisation (Joe Voros)

HIS20003 Propaganda: A History of Media and Politics (Kerry Ryan)

HIS30002 Gender and History (Peter Robinson)

HIS30012 History, Politics and Human Rights (Kerry Ryan)

HIS30007 War and Peace in the 20th Century (Julie Kimber)


International Studies

SOC10007 Understanding the Modern World (Glenda Ballantyne)

POL10002 International Politics (Chris Agius)

SOC20013 Race, Ethnicity and Migration

POL20014 European Union (Bruno Mascitelli)

INS20002 International Indigenous Perspectives (Andrew Peters)

SOC30013 Global Gender and Sex (Lucy Nicholas)

POL20011 Conflict Resolution (Chris Agius)

POL30011 Crisis Points: Global Challenges (Lorenzo Veracini/Rob Hoffman)


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