Internship at the US Consulate Melbourne

POL30003 Internship in Political Research: Internship at the US Consulate in Melbourne. CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS: C.O.B. 2 June. The U.S. Consulate General Melbourne is looking for non-American undergraduate students to experience working alongside the Consulate’s American and Australian employees as they work on the day-to-day business, political, economic, media, and organizational issues of the United States and Australia. This program will run during the second semester with opportunities for internship within the Public Affairs Section of the Consulate. 2015.

Please check your semester two enrolments

It appears that some students have accidentally enrolled into the online rather than the on-campus units for next semester. This is something that is easily done in error because the codes are the same. One way to check this is to log into Student One and see if the Study Period says ‘Semester 1 orContinue reading “Please check your semester two enrolments”