Sal Clark

Sal Clark comes from an interdisciplinary background incorporating political theory with sociological methods and has experience in conducting qualitative research with marginalised communities. Clark’s research interests broadly encompass forced migration, human rights, bordering practices and the intersection of ‘race’, and gender and the politics of displacement and exceptionality. Clark attained their doctorate from Swinburne University in 2016. Their PhD, titled ‘Navigating Asylum: Journeys from Indonesia to Australia’ charts the precarious nature of life in transit for Haraza asylum seekers undergoing the UNHCR refugee status determination process and explores the connection between conditions in transit and irregular migration.

As an interdisciplinary member of Staff, Clark teaches across a number of majors including International Relations, Global Studies and Sociology.

Current units
International Politics
International Relations & Security Studies
Australian Foreign Policy
Conflict Resolution
Sociological Foundations
Identity & Social Change
Global Gender & Sex

Clark also leads a Cultural Study Tour to Indonesia; this 3 week programme takes undergraduates across a number of locations in west Java and is comprised of a number of social, political and cultural activities designed to challenge students and develop their intercultural competencies. During this time students participate in a number of industry visits, partner with local universities and attend workshops and seminars with a range of NGOs and civil society actors.


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