Luca Marin

Profile.jpgLuca Marin graduated in History from the University of Trieste (Italy), he completed his PhD (SUT) in 2016 on the Italian migrant activism in Australia. His areas of interest encompass Italian contemporary history, migration history and local history.

His publications include:

‘FILEF: an example of social and political engagement of Italians in Australia’ in The European Diaspora in Australia: An interdisciplinary perspective, B Mascitelli, S Mycak, G. Papalia (eds), Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK (2016) pp. 73-91;

An Italian rural community and its need to modernise: social, economic and political history of Tavagnacco from the post-Second World War to the 1970s, Forum, Italy (2009).



PhD Title:

Migrant Activism in Australia: The case of the Italian Federation of Migrant Workers and their Families (FILEF)

This research examines the trajectory of the Australian chapter of the migrant-run organisation FILEF (Italian Federation of Migrant Workers and their Families), a left-leaning agency, and its impact on local politics and society, since its foundation in Australia in 1972.

By employing previously unknown archival material and oral histories, this study maintains that FILEF’s long-standing tenet that is its attention on providing a voice and a hand to Italian communities around the world was constantly held over the years. Furthermore, it addresses the characteristics of new and more recent waves of Italian migrants and their quest to integrate into the pre-existing Italian community in Australia and in more general terms into Australian society (Supervised by Simone Battiston)


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