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James studies Australian politics and history, with a special interest in pressure politics. His recently completed doctoral thesis on Melbourne’s notorious East-West Link examined the roles played by formal and informal actors in the policymaking process and how they contest policy, illuminating the strategies and manoeuvres of various groups to contain or expand the conflict.

He has presented on his research at the International Political Science Association World Congress, Swinburne’s Centre for Urban Transitions and the Melbourne Design School.

James writes regularly for current affairs publication Inside Story about politics and history and has a number of forthcoming scholarly publications on pressure groups and policymaking.

He teaches Australian Politics, Public Policy in Australia, Grand Challenges and War and Peace in the Twentieth Century at Swinburne.



The Making & Unmaking of East-West Link (unpublished doctoral thesis). Hawthorn: Swinburne University of Technology, 2019.



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