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James Murphy

James Murphy
East West Link: The Making & Unmaking of a Decision

JimbobThis research will ask how the decision to go ahead with East West Link was made, and how it later came undone. As a major controversy in Victorian politics, East West Link offers us a rich case study by which we can see what forces, institutions, interests and groups matter in political decision-making today. It will seek to show where the project came from and how it made it to the top of the Baillieu Government’s agenda. It will ask which players were most crucial to getting East West Link out of the dustbin of history and back in play – from the Premier’s Office and Cabinet to the bureaucracy, the road lobby, the Federal Government, and big business. It will also ask how and why the State Opposition was convinced to harden its stance against the project. East West Link was subject to intense opposition, from community groups, local councils, environmentalists and many transport policy experts, all employing different strategies to change the Labor Party’s position and ultimately get the project cancelled. Understanding what was effective and why will give us a better idea of how politics and policy-making, and power works in Victoria today. (Supervised by Julie Kimber and Damon Alexander).



James Murphy, “Less than Frank and Not Quite Fearless”, Inside Story, 14 December 2015.

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