The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) program provides students with an opportunity to significantly expand their knowledge in an academic area of interest in an additional, challenging year of research-orientated study. In contrast to undergraduate studies, honours studies requires students to draw on a high degree of initiative and self-direction and is therefore ideal for students who relish a greater freedom to pursue their academic interest(s). As a result, the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) qualification denotes strong academic performance and affords students a solid and important foundation for pursuing either postgraduate studies at a Master or Doctorate level or a career path in an area that prizes high-level conceptual, analytical, research and communication skills.

We currently offer fourth-year Honours programs in Social Science, and in Cultural Studies. The Honours program may also be offered in Languages in 2016. For further detail on our Honours offerings, please see here or contact the Honours Convenors: Social Science: Dr Deb Dempsey  Culture, Nature and Civilisation: A/Prof Arran Gare Languages: Dr Simone Battiston (Italian); Dr Theresa Savage (Japanese/ Chinese).

To learn about the research projects you can undertake in Honours, you are welcome to attend the Annual Honours Conference, which will be held on Friday 28 August. For more information contact A/Prof Esther Milne. There will also be an information session on our Honours programs in October.


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