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Dimity Hawkins
Dimity Hawkins

Dimity Hawkins is a PhD candidate at Swinburne University. Her thesis examines opposition to nuclear weapons testing in the Pacific.

Dimity has over two decades of experience in the civil society sector working as an advocate on issues of nuclear disarmament and broader social, environmental and human rights activism. She completed a degree in Politics and Public Policy from Swinburne University with first class Honours in 2015. Dimity Hawkins was a co-founder of the  International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.


PhD thesis:

Nuclear Shadows: Nuclear weapons testing in the Pacific and the Fijian response between 1966-1975

This research examines opposition to nuclear weapons testing in the Pacific. It does so with a particular emphasis on the role of Fiji, examining the Fijian government and civil society responses to nuclear testing in the Pacific between 1966-1975. While no tests were directly conducted within its territory,Fiji emerged in this period as the geographical and activist hub for nuclear resistance in the Pacific. Despite this, little research has been conducted on this role. This thesis examines how Fiji navigated this challenge in the years surrounding independence. The study will use a mixed historical method, including archival studies of extant primary source material, oral histories and a synthesis of relevant secondary material. In doing so, this research will shed light on how small states can “punch above their weight” by harnessing their moral authority, and translating this authority into power in the geopolitical realm. As such, this study considers the intersections between human, sovereign, solidarity and environmental rights, and asks whether the particular elements of the consensus model known as the ‘Pacific Way’ aided in Fiji’s successful leadership of this opposition movement during the period under study.




Dimity Hawkins and Julie Kimber, “Australia’s stance on nuclear deterrence leaves it on the wrong side of history”, The Conversation, 26 August 2016.


Recent Media Interviews

Radio interview: 2SER, Sydney, “Nuclear Weapons”, The Daily. Monday 29 August, 2016.

Radio interview: 3CR, Melbourne, Saturday 3 September, 2016. 


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