Mica Barreto-Soares Understanding China-Timor-Leste Relations

Wesa Chau-Young Leaders and political literacy

Bryan Cranston American Dynasties: A Study of Intergenerational Democratic Success

Chiara De Lazzari Homeland politics and the Emigrant Vote: the view from Italy

Tia Di Biase Models of political representation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

Denise Frizzo The Brazilian expatriate voting: emigrant expectation or serving the domestic political agenda?

Julie Gelman How are women recruited to Cabinet in Australia?

Dimity Hawkins Nuclear Shadows: Nuclear weapons testing in the Pacific and the Fijian response between 1966-1975

Maren Klein Leaving the ‘lucky country’? Return migration trajectories between Australia and Germany

Lucy Kent Public Service Broadcasting in Australia in the Digital Age

Christopher Mudaliar Resolving a fractured Nation: Fiji

James Murphy East West Link: The Making & Unmaking of a Decision

Nicholas Pelley An Analysis of black market casual employment in the Australian labour market

Alex Cato Stewart The impact of Fiji’s evolving foreign policy on regional order in the South Pacific

Dan Tout Ambiguous Ambivalent and Settler Colonial: Redefining Australian Nationalism in the Interwar Period

Liz Yuncken Diplomats and Domestic Policy


Recent Completions (PhD)

Sally Clark Navigating Asylum: Journeys from Indonesia to Australia

Sara Currie Destination Brand Building for Emerging Nations: The Case of Timor-Leste

Dustin Halse From Servants to Citizens: A History of Victorian Public Service Unionism 1885-1946

Luca Marin Migrant Activism in Australia: The case of the Italian Federation of Migrant Workers and their Families (FILEF)

David Moore Three Queensland Premiers and the Mungana Scandal

Ben Rankin Water Politics in Victoria: The impact of legislative design, policy objectives and institutional constraints on rural water supply governance

Nathaniel Reader Voting early, more often: The rise of early voting in person at Australian elections

Salma Bint Shafiq The Settlement Experiences of Bangladeshi Migrants in Australia

Sarah Smith Gender in United Nations peacebuilding: a case study of Timor-Leste.




Chris Beck In search of meaning: black humour

Tim Clark China-PNG: An emerging relationship

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