Christine Agius is lecturer in politics, with specialism in international relations and security studies. Her research focuses on identity and security, in particular, discursive constructions of identity and how discourses of identity have an impact on security practices. Her empirical research is on the Nordic states, and she has published work on swedish foreign and security policy and identity, the cartoons crisis and the politics of military non-alignment. Her current research includes discourses and ideas of ontological security and identity and gender, sovereignty and humanitarian intervention. She is the director of the Identity Research Network. Most recently Chris co-edited a special edition of the journal Global Change, Peace and SecurityChristine Agius, Daniel Bray, and Steven Slaughter (eds), “The Sixth Oceanic Conference on International Studies: transitions in the Asia Pacific”, Global Change, Peace and Security, Vol. 27, no. 1 (2015), 1-4.

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