Photo Essay: Cultural Study Tour

By Sayema Rezai Third year student, Sayema Rezai, has put together a photo essay of her time on the Cultural Study tour led by Sal Clark and Kythera Watson-Bonnice. Hover over the photos to read the descriptions.    

On Tour: The European Union

Swinburne students have also been avoiding the cold in Italy. Travelling with Professor Bruno Mascitelli is a group of students taking the unit Understanding the European Union

Cultural Study Tour: Indonesia

Locations include Jakarta (economic hub of Indonesia) and Yogyakarta (cultural capital of Indonesia). Students have the chance to learn about social and political issues facing one of Australia’s closest neighbours in an immersive and self-led environment. The tour includes the opportunity to work closely with local Javanese university students, visit sites of cultural and historical... Continue Reading →

Cultural Study Tour: Nepal for 2016

The official closing date for applications for the Cultural Study Tour: Nepal for 2016 was last Friday (19th June)…but if you get your application into the system by COB this Friday (26th June) your application will still be considered in this first round of applications. If you have questions/concerns please don’t hesitate to get in... Continue Reading →

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