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BCranstonBryan Cranston is a PhD candidate at Swinburne University, and has over two decades of experience working in the higher education sector. Bryan is currently an online politics and history teacher with Swinburne.


American Dynasties: A Study of Intergenerational Democratic Success

The United States was born of revolution against a monarchical government, yet despite rebelling against the dynastic rule of the British Empire and being founded upon a beacon of egalitarianism, with the Declaration of Independence stating that all men are created equal, Americans have proved remarkably tolerant of political dynasties. The persistence of political families holding the reins of power in a democratic country raises concerns about imperfections in popular representation. What accounts for the perpetuation of these families throughout the decades? Why are political dynasties so entrenched in American politics? Moreover, what causes one dynasty to ultimately decline, only to have their place taken by another? This project will focus on twelve case study families who have at four successive generations in the direct family line elected to state or federal office. The aim is to document and analyse their experiences and reasons for success in order to identify what is distinctive about these dynasties, and what this ultimately tells us about the value of class merit in American democracy.


Bachelor of Arts [Central Queensland, 1996]

Graduate Diploma of Cultural Studies [Central Queensland, 2000]

Master of Arts [Macquarie, 2008]

Postgraduate Diploma in Arts (Research) [Monash, 2011]

Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching (Higher Education) [Swinburne, 2015]



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