Postgraduate Training & Seminars 2020

The Faculty and School will hold several training sessions and seminars during 2020. The dates and topics for these are listed below. If you need further advice or support contact Dr Carolyn Beasley.

Training in the School of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (curated by Jessica Balanzategui):

26 February: Planning and scheduling annual research goals

26 March: Getting the most out of your supervisor

29 April: Publishing with your supervisor

26 May: Academic CVs and Interviews

25 June: Defining your methods

29 July: Dealing with Traumatic Materials

26 August: What Examiners Want

30 September: Powering towards a full thesis draft

28 October: Exploring grants and other funding avenues: How to make a start

11 November: Self-gardening as a PhD student (date may change)

24 November: Building a research profile and publication strategies


Seminar Series: 

First Monday of Month in Semesters – Screen Studies Seminar Series AS324 and Trivia at the Lido Cinema

Monthly (Wednesday 3-5pm) – Practice-Led Research Seminar Series – AS324


Monthly from March (Tuesdays 3-5pm) – Training or Themed Presentation Seminar – AS324

CUT and CTMT also run their own training and presentation series.


Faculty of Health, Arts and Design (FHAD) Events

FHAD HIT SUBMIT – 12 week journal article writing program – Tuesday 1-3 from first week of March. Runs semester 1 and 2.

FHAD Thesis Bootcamp – late November

FHAD Student Conference – first week of November

FHAD Shut up and Write Retreats


FHAD Research Training

11 February – AMDC level 5

9.30-10.20 the language of a thesis (academic writing)

10.30-12.00 literature reviews and Nvivo


12.30-1.20 Systematic reviews

1.30 pm – 2.20 Research Design – Epistemological paradigms and case study 2.30 – 3.20 Research design – empirical project with a quantitative design

3.30 – 4.20 Research Design for theoretical projects


12 February – AMDC level 5

9.30-10.20 Future Proofing Your Research

10.30-11.20 Organising your Data and Thematic Data Analysis

11.30-12.20 Results/finding/discussions


13.30-14.20 Working with Traumatic materials

14.30-15.20 Pulling the threads together on your thesis

15.30-16.20 Publishing from your thesis


15 September (some topics may change)

9.30-10.20 Research design: validity and reliability

10.30-11.20 Linking Research Questions and methods

11.30-12.20 Introduction to qualitative research approaches


13.30-14.20 Strategies for qualitative data collection

14.30-15.20 Analysing qualitative data

15.30-16.20 The art of survey


16 September (some topics may change)

9.30-10.20 Qualitative Social media research methods

10.30-11.20 NVivo graphical tools for literature review

11.30-12.20 The basics of Open Science


13.30-14.20 Integrating practice-based research

14.30-15.20 How to write an impactful data report

15.30-16.20 Literature reviews


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