2021 Study Plans


Discipline Convenor: Dr Kerry Ryan

Politics and international relations gives students an opportunity to explore structures of power in both domestic and international relations. Our specialisms include Australian and comparative politics, regional and global relations, public policy, history, and international relations and security theory. We place an emphasis on traditional and contemporary challenges that occupy the national and international agenda, including human rights, international violence and insecurity, and political change.

Units Unit codes Credit points
Australian Politics POL10001 12.5
International Politics POL10002 12.5
Australian Foreign Policy POL20008 12.5
Dictators and Democrats: Comparative Politics POL20009 12.5
International Relations and Security Studies * POL20010 12.5
Critical Perspectives on Terrorism * POL30009 12.5
Public Policy in Australia * POL30010 12.5
Politics of the Pacific * POL30014 12.5

*Outcome unit – completion demonstrates the attainment of course learning outcomes


Discipline Convenor: Associate Professor Lorenzo Veracini

The study of History at Swinburne specialises in histories of the present. We examine political and social history to understand the world around us. Students engage with themes of war and peace, colonialism, gender, media and propaganda, political and radical change. Students engage in hands on study that embraces digital humanities to develop cutting edge ways of story telling and engagement.  The history program provide students with a unique platform to research, engage, and challenge traditional ideas and practices, while developing critical skills in understanding how history is both made and presented via texts, documentary film and podcasts.

Units Unit codes Credit points
Global History HIS10003 12.5
Australian History HIS10004 12.5
International Indigenous Perspectives INS20002 12.5
Propaganda: A History of Media and Politics HIS20003 12.5
Colonialism: A Global History * HIS20008 12.5
Gender and History * HIS30002 12.5
War and Peace in the 20th Century * HIS30007 12.5
History, Politics and Human Rights * HIS30012 12.5

*Outcome unit – completion demonstrates the attainment of course learning outcomes


Major Convenor: Dr Simone Battiston

Global Studies exposes students to a wide range of subjects to create a core awareness of global issues and relations. Major study areas include politics, international relations and security studies, history, sociology, and philosophy. Equal emphasis is placed on the historical antecedents and contemporary challenges in international relations. Students are therefore well equipped to debate the sources of, and possible solutions to, global problems, including security issues, inequality, humanitarian concerns, and climate change. Students can choose to add a language specialty to their studies (Chinese, Italian, and Japanese).

Units Unit codes Credit points
International Politics POL10002 12.5
Global Perspectives on Modernity SOC10012 12.5
International Indigenous Perspectives INS20002 12.5
Conflict Resolution * POL20011 12.5
Race, Ethnicity and Migration SOC20013 12.5
Crisis Points: Global Challenges * POL30011 12.5
European Union * POL30017 12.5
Global Gender and Sex * SOC30013 12.5

*Outcome unit – completion demonstrates the attainment of course learning outcomes

Core studies: Grand Challenges

3 units (50 credit points)

Units Unit codes Credit points
GCs: Dystopian Present-Utopian Futures ART10002 12.5
GCs: Skills and Strategies for Social Change ART20001 12.5
GCs: Making a Difference * ART30001 25.0

*Outcome unit – completion demonstrates the attainment of course learning outcomes

Bachelor of Arts Director: Dr Damon Alexander

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