ITALIAN ELECTION 2018: Instability, Uncertainty & Euroscepticism? HEAR THE CANDIDATES

Italians in Italy and abroad cast their vote in Italian elections scheduled for 4 March 2018 to elect their new representatives in the Italian parliament. As we speak, Italians in Australia are receiving their electoral ballot papers and will have the opportunity to cast their vote for their own college of Africa, Asia, Oceania and Antarctica. How will Italians in Australia vote? What impact will votes from abroad have in Italy?

This forum will provide a platform for candidates standing in the Election in Australia’s Electoral College to illustrate their program and political agenda. The forum will also address the governability issue in Italy and the impact votes from abroad might have in the upcoming elections. The event will be moderated by Assoc. Professor Bruno Mascitelli and is sponsored by the EU Centre at RMIT University, the Contemporary European Studies Association of Australia (CESAA), and Swinburne University of Technology.


14 FEBRUARY 2018

12:30pm – 2:00pm



Emily McPherson Building (Bld 13)

Level 3, Room 9 (Ethel Osborne Hall)

405 Russell Street, Melbourne VIC 3000



Light Refreshments will be served



Swinburne logo


Cesaa logo


Download the flyer

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