Please check your semester two enrolments

It appears that some students have accidentally enrolled into the online rather than the on-campus units for next semester. This is something that is easily done in error because the codes are the same.

One way to check this is to log into Student One and see if the Study Period says ‘Semester 1 or 2’, rather than ‘Teaching Period 1 or 2’. It should say Semester 1 or 2 for on-campus study. If you are in doubt at all, please send us an email and we will check it out for you.

PS: A special prize goes to the first person to identify someone in the photo. An extra special prize goes to anyone who can put the photo into its historical context.

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  1. Bold move walking through a group of angry wharfies…😄 I don’t know what I thought Menzies looked like, but it wasn’t like that.

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